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09 August 2015 @ 01:03 am
Hi, a question about some Susan Pevensie fics  
Hi, sorry to bother, I hope you can help me 'cause I don't know where to ask or where to search anymore!!

I'm searching for 2 fics, or maybe is one fic, where Susan has to deal with what happened, after the train accident.

One of the memories I have of this fic, is of Susan searching for the bodies of her siblings after the accident.

Another memory is of her living in an apartment, having neighbours that care for her and talk with her and she works and stuff.

Also a fic where she sees Aslan in a hospital? Where she's working I think.

Can anyone help me to find this fics or direct me to a place where I can search for them better? Please!! They are driving me crazy!! I know I have them in my computer, at least I hope so, but since I had to change my drive a while ago I don't know if they got missing 'cause I just can't find them!!

Thank you, be well and take care, Monica
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1smut_princess1smut_princess on November 3rd, 2016 06:10 pm (UTC)
Bloody hell, I think I actually remember the second one you're talking about, but I read it back in umn...08, and between now and then, I've read god only knows how much other stuff. So, sadly, I don't have an answer of a title for you, but I can tell you for certain you're not crazy and imagining a fic (which has happened to me, garbling and crossing fandoms, has resulted in misremembering/mixing up certain fics.) And if it's the fic I sorta recall, then it's one of the really old ones, as I came across that story (or one very similar to the one you've described) when the original Suspian fan archive website was still in existence. And since that shut down in about six months of going live, post movie release, that narrows the age of the fic down. You might try FFN (loathe the place, but still one of the largest archives around), and do a search for pairing as well as publication date, and then that timeframe (you'll likely have to check timeline/age by the old fashioned method of checking publish dates on the page list of fics and synopsis.) Sadly, there was a huge purge in the fandom (and lots of other ones on FFN) 09-10, so it may or may not be there.

Another route to try, is to go onto tumblr and make a post with some Suspian tags, and 'HALP, fic search!' if you've got a tumblr. Or search the tumblr tags for Suspian fic with subtags that narrow subject matter down some. It's no more a shot in the dark than wandering over here and making a post. And last ditch, you could also cross check AO3, which doesn't have nearly the same breadth of Suspian available, but sometimes it'll surprise you by having a Suspian that was removed from FFN or an author who took their stuff down from there. Wish I was more help, and I do hope you find the story you're looking for, because I know how much it blows when you've got that sort of thing floating around and bothering you, plaguing you, when if you could just remember title and/or place you read it, that stupid nebulous itch would be scratched and go away.