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11 November 2014 @ 07:06 am
"who she was not" [gif + drabble]  
[original post can be found here at my tumblr]

Man I said I'd post more gif-manips, but look at me sucking at that. It also doesn't help that the character A-Pops plays on Reign has awful storylines and the show in general suffers from bad writing but you do what you can!

"who she was not", pg.  321 words.

Narnia could not welcome home Kings with anything less than a ball, and while Susan felt it no less appropriate, she still found that she couldn’t spend nearly as much time with Caspian as she’d wished. Much of Caspian’s attentions were devoted to repeating the numerous adventures they found themselves on during the voyage.

And it was during a retelling of one particular story that left Susan sipping her wine a bit more frequently than the others. Captain Drinian — a newly made Lord — relayed the tale of Ramandu’s Island and their meeting with his daughter, an ethereal beauty that many Narnians would be blessed to behold. Edmund, usually so reserved, seemed to chime in quite a bit of how the star’s daughter had helped them so.

Caspian on the other hand was unusually silent throughout the story, and Susan was unsure whether this comforted or further irritated her. “You all must’ve been entranced by her,” she comments to Caspian at her side and she’s instantly embarrassed by how silly she sounded. The Telmarine arches a single eyebrow as he watches her from the side, the unsettling ticks of Susan’s obvious jealousy endearing him.

"Yes, a fine beauty — none would doubt she was the daughter of a star," Caspian nods, and almost laughs at how his Queen bristled. "But a star so far away could not hold a candle to the radiance of one’s own sun. What qualities the men saw in Ramandu’s daughter only reminded me of who she was not."

He turns to give her a pointed look, and mimicked her flushed ‘I see’ before setting aside her glass of wine for her. “Come, enough with the stories. Dance with me, only you’ll have to remind these sea legs what it means to be graceful.”

"That would imply you were graceful to begin with," Susan giggles, but gives his wounded look a loving peck before following him to the floor.