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20 July 2014 @ 09:46 am
Title: Memories of a Parallel Universe 6/?
Author: Rhion
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Caspian is sent from Aslan's Country to help Susan find her way once more. In so doing - he must become lost and blind, forgetting all that transpired before, while still keeping a faith that everything still has meaning. Dubbed insane by the British government, he is put into an asylum/hospital, where he meets Susan. From there - things get crazier.
Genre: Philosophical, romance, somewhat theological.
Disclaimer: Don't make me beat you with a cane, if you're simple enough to think I actually own this, I shan't spare the rod!
AN: *comes shuffling forward, cap in hand* Okay, it's been five years. I get it. Five years. I have no idea why, or how, I managed to crank out a chapter of something I haven't thought about in most of those five years. I doubt that there's many of us hanging around on LJ anymore, what with the surfeit of adverts, the endless seeming 'bots, and of course, the fact that Tumblr exists makes it sort of different than how things used to be. I can't promise that I'll work on Lurking in the Shadows, at least, not beyond the fact that I reread it, and have updated some of the docs. What I can promise, is that I have two chapters for Memories of a Parallel Universe written. While my muse is for another fandom (Dragon Age if anyone plays video games and is curious) and my original fictions, someone prodded me for Memories, and, well, for some reason two chapters have come out. That's all I can really say, that's all I can promise. Part of me wants to finish Lurking or at least tie it up, give some closure, but the perfectionist in me looks back at my writing of so long ago and says 'omg, what was I thinking?' and wishes to either burn it, or revamp entirely.

So, without further blabbing...Chapter Six