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25 November 2011 @ 01:02 pm
A Little Late To The Party  
Hi All,

As the subject says I'm a little (read: very) late to the Susan and Caspian party but at least I've made it. I can only apologise, I've been a fan of the pairing since the movie came out but (I'm being honest here) I've been distracted by other pairings.

Late one night after catching Prince Caspian on TV I thought, I'm bored of my usual fanfiction reading material lets see if there is any Susan and Caspian stuff, and since that night I was hooked. I've raided fanfiction.net, trawled this site from back to front and loved everything I could get my hands on - the smut, the angst, the dark Caspian, the flirty Susan. In short I'm an addict.

Stands up, "My name is TL and I'm a Suspian addict to the point where my 3 year old has to fight the computer for my attention."

So, ahem, anyway.... I know its a little quiet one here and I also know its only natural, its been a while since the movie came out, tastes change blah blah... so I want to write a Suspian fic which I will post here if I ever get it finished. What I could really do with is a little help and guidance, I'm still a novice at all of this and there are so many amazing writers out there. If there is anyone who fancies helping me, let me know.

My story is going to be about Caspian and Susan (naturally) and their time together in Narnia. I want to write their first time and that is where I need a little guidance. People seem to forget that Susan is barely 15/16 and a 1940's girl, and Caspian is not that much older than her (and I'd like to think just as inexperienced as she) when they write them 'together' and I don't. I want to capture that awkwardness, that how did we get from kissing to this, where do I put this thing, how does this work. Anyone up for the challenge let me know.

Thanks for reading. Keep writing.
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beautifulmimory on December 27th, 2011 05:13 pm (UTC)
Please write this! I've been stuck writing some things about them as well but I want to at least encurage you to go on with your story. I find that us older fans (I'm 24) tend to want to read more mature stories even in so called children's classics. Typically there aren't a lot out there but I do find there are quite a bit for Suspian. There are quite a bit for Little Women, don't know if you into LW but even though LMA wrote for children/teens she did acknowledge Laurie's carnal desires very discreetly so you may find some inspiration there in that fanfiction. Even though there's no concrete time period for Chronicles, I guess people just assume its Middle Ages/Medieval times. People weren't as conservative as Susan's time so it wouldn't be outlandish to think Caspian wasn't a virgin. Personally, just from his naivity portrayed in the movie and books in my mind he's a virgin or if he wasn't he probablly hadn't been with someone he really really loved. One thing that I do hate is when younger fans write stories that the love scenes are kind of juevenile. The male is extremely dominate, sometimes even kind of mean in my opinion. (I guess some people like that but to each his own!) It would be nice to write or read something passionate and hot but not distasteful.